What is the difference between the “Classic series”, “S-All carbon series” and “S-Leopard series”

Classic Series:

The best-selling classic series. Superteam is committed to the production of carbon fiber wheelsets. The Classic series wheels with brand-new technology use high-performance rims and lightweight hubs with independent technology. They are assembled by hand and passed many quality inspections. The classic series offers high performance at a customer-friendly price.

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S-Leopard Series:

Based on the Classic series, Superteam uses higher-performance spokes and high-performance hubs to create the S-Leopard series. Our products are not simply assembled but professionally tuned according to the performance of the rim, allowing more Riders to enjoy an advanced riding experience.

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S-All Carbon Series:

The S-ALL CARBON series is a high-performance product made with Superteam’s high-standard wheels, full carbon fiber spokes, and lightweight hubs. It is Superteam’s continuous innovation of craftsmanship and continuous pursuit of performance.

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